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Yutorito Line Route Map


Tickets:elevated section

Tickets:elevated section+Street Level Section

[Street Level Section]
The street level section single fare (from Obata Ryokuchi to Kozoji) is 210 yen for adults and 100 yen for children (standard system).

Regarding Aged Fares

Division Contents Fares
Adults Passengers 12 Years and Over (Junior High and Over) Adult Fares
Children Passengers 6 to 12 Years (Elementary School) Children's Fares
Infants Passengers 1 to 6 Years (Pre-school age) If accompanied by an adult or single child, up to 4 infants can ride free of charge. Children's Fares apply if the infant is unaccompanied.
Babies Passengers under 1 year Free

Regarding IC Card Use

The following IC Cards can be used on the Yutorito Line.

Regarding IC Card Use

Regarding Nagoya City Transportation Bureau One Day Ticket Use

All-line one-day City Bus tickets and Donichi Eco-kippu (weekend eco-tickets) are available between the Obata Ryokuchi to Kozoji stops along the street level sections.
When using the elevated sections between Ozone and Obata Ryokuchi, the elevated section fares must be paid separately.

How To Use

Board the Yutorito Line from the back door and exit from the front.

Yutorito Line

When Paying Fares By Cash

When boarding
When boardingPlease take a numbered ticket when you board the bus.
When getting off
When getting offAs you exit, please place the ticket and correct fare (no change) in the fare box.
Numbered ticket
Numbered ticket

When Paying For Fares by IC Card

When boarding
When boardingPlease touch the IC Reader when boarding.
The IC Card reader is located on both sides of the entrance.
When getting off
When getting offWhen getting off, touch the IC Card to the reader again.
The IC Card Reader is located to the left of the driver, by the fare box.


The elevated sections between Ozone and Obata Ryokuchi operate at maximum speeds of 60 Km/h.
The elevated tracks provide good views across the city, and to the mountains of Gifu and Nagano.
Please enjoy the views.

Yutorito Line
Yutorito Line
Yutorito Line

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